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Femslash - Because Your Day Needed Brightening [Dec. 4th, 2006|01:21 pm]
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Title: DCU Femslash Unporn
Author: Teh_no
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Babs/Dinah, Barbara/Helena, Selina/Barbara, Supergirl/Power Girl, Holly/Selina, Cass/Steph, Dinah/Helena, Steph/Babs.
Fandom: DC.
Summary: DC ficlets written for the Femslash Today Unporn Challenge.

Birds of Prey, Barbara/Helena, control

“Just stay in control, Helena. That’s not too much to ask.”

Helena pouted (although she would maintain that it was a snarl), and lolled her head around to take in their surroundings. A fancy restaurant. Barbara had even cajoled her into wearing a dress. And high heels.

Barbara was wearing the same, but it was easy for her. She didn’t have to walk around in them.

“You know,” Helena replied. “If I had known this wasn’t going to be a fun date, I would’ve masturbated in the shower.”

The candlelight danced in Barbara’s glasses as she regarded her ward, partner, and occasional girlfriend. “A little louder, please, I don’t think they heard you in Metropolis.”

“Come on!” Helena begged. “This is a really long tablecloth. I could set up a distraction, duck under it, we have a quickie, then boom, back to business.”


Helena groaned in dismay. “You’re a sadist. You know I’m in heat…”

“According to my count, you’ve been in heat for seventy-two days. You’re not in heat, you’re just a nympho.”

“She said as if she didn’t love it.” Helena sipped her drink.

“I do love it. I just wish…” Barbara searched for the words. “I just wish we could have a little more than wham, bam, thank you ma’am. An actual meaningful conversation? A date? A relationship, if that’s not too much to ask.”

Helena sighed. “Fine, fine… what do you want to know?”

“Well… tell me about your childhood.”

“What are you, my psychologist? Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“It’s alright,” Barbara said, waving the reference away. “I’m at peace with it.”

“Yeah… that’s good… what do you want to know about my childhood anyway? You were there for it, remember?”

“Not all of it. Tell me something I don’t know.”

Helena rubbed her face, searching for a memory. “Well, there was this one time Mom wanted to show me what to do if I ever locked myself out of car… and she insisted that I practice on an orange Lamborghini…”


“Dinner and a show?” Helena asked as the opening credits rolled. “You are a sadist.”

“A little cinema won’t kill you. It’s a cinematic classic and it has some boobies around the middle, so you won’t get bored.”

Helena loudly munched on her popcorn. “You remember to turn Delphi off?”

Barbara was shocked at the very suggestion. “Helena, if there’s an emergency…”

“It would ring, right in the middle of your cinematic classic. You’re always chiding me for running out on our ‘dates’…”

“That’s because there aren’t any emergencies, you’re just afraid of commitment.”

“If commitment means cell phones ringing in movie theaters, I have good reason to be afraid.”

“Fine!” Barbara held up her deactivated beeper. “It’s off. New Gotham is on its own for the next three hours.”

“Three hours!?” Helena yelled. After a chorus of offended hushes, she lowered her voice. “Oh, you cannot expect me to go without… release for that long. Maybe I could drop something and pretend to pick it up and then I could eat you out?”

“On the floor of a movie theater? Helena, that’s just unsanitary…”


“C’mon. You’ve got to admit it,” Barbara said as they entered the Clocktower. “That was fun.”

“The movie had its moments, but the steak was too burnt for my taste.”

“Your definition of ‘burnt’ is anything less than raw.”

“What can I say?” Helena opened the door to the bedroom and ushered Barbara in. “I know what I like.”

“Mmmm…” Barbara transferred herself to the bed. “Mind helping me with the dress? Or should I say ‘out of it’?”

“Said,” Helena quipped as she unzipped Barbara, pulling her out of the dress and then throwing the bedcovers over her. “Well, good night.”

“Huh?” Barbara asked as Helena headed for the door. “Where are you going? Aren’t we going to…?”

“On a first date?” Helena laughed. “What do you take me for? Some kind of nympho?”

Sorry About The Noise (DC Comics, Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, scream)

“Mr. Jensen? Sorry about the noise. We were watching a horror movie and Dinah accidentally turned the stereo speakers on… you think it sounded more like what? I wouldn’t know anything about that, Mr. Jensen. I’m a proper, civilized lady and such things are quite foreign to me.”

Barbara hung up and looked at Dinah.

“Well, did he buy it?” the Black Canary asked.

“He thought we were watching a porno,” Barbara answered.

“Sorry. But when you get my motor running, well… what am I supposed to do?”

“That’s what I’ve been asking myself.” Barbara reached into her nightstand and pulled out a ball-gag.

“Do I want to know where that’s been?”

“Dick, Helena, Tim, Cass, Steph, and sometimes Zinda.”

“What did they say?”

“Nothing, that’s the point.”

“Alright, strap it to me.” Dinah presented herself. “But before you silence me, I have something to declare… my genius!”

Barbara gagged her.

“Not a moment too soon.”

Caught (DC Comics, Selena Kyle/Barbara Gordon, crime)

“Caught by the Commissioner’s daughter,” Selina said, turning around to face the flashlight beam trained on her. “How very… heredity. I suppose this is where you turn me in?”

Her father’s gun was unwavering. “Turn you in? Oh, Batman would never let me do that.” Barbara took a step forward. “I just want to teach you a lesson. That there are right houses to break into and wrong ones.”

“You? Teach me a lesson? That I’d like to see?”

Barbara’s smile was absolutely nothing like her father’s. “Hand me the whip, Catwoman. And strip. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Once (DC Comics, Supergirl/Power Girl, control)

“We were lovers once,” Power Girl said.

Supergirl stared at her uncomprehendingly and Power Girl sighed. Maybe it would’ve been better to carry on this conversation somewhere other than high above the night sky, somewhere where something else could distract them from each other. As it was, all they could concentrate was on how… lacking the other’s costume was in certain aspects.

“You mean like… lovers lovers?” Supergirl asked.

Power Girl nodded. “On our original Earth. This… crisis, the first one I mean, separated us. But we were always meant to be together.”

Supergirl’s uncomprehending stare was broken by a single blink. “Are you asking me out?”

Power Girl smiled. “Yeah. I’m asking you out.”


So Warm (DC comics: Catwoman, Holly/Selina, warmth)

Holly remembered detox. She remembered Selina whipping every drug dealer in East End until they promised not to sell to her, then locking her in the closet. Holly had scratched at the walls all night until night came. Then, Selina took pity on her. They had curled up in the bed together, Selina letting her warmth fill Holly, taking the pain out of the chills.

Holly remembered feeling like one of Selina’s cat, crawling onto the mattress next to her mistress. She remembered how good it felt to have Selina’s arms around her, Selina’s lips at her ear, telling the girl how much she meant to her.

But not that way. Not in the way Holly wanted. Selina was neither john nor lover and Holly would get no satisfaction from her.

She didn’t see the fallacy until that night Catwoman slunk through her window. The nebulous “they” always described Catwoman as a feline fatale, a sexual presence, wild, flirty, taboo. They didn’t see her like Holly saw her. Didn’t see her damaged and regretful.

“I was too late,” Catwoman said simply as she took off her goggles and cowl, then let her whip drop to the floor.

Holly didn’t object when Selina laid down next to her and didn’t bother to offer taking the couch. She knew what Selina wanted. An arm wrapped around the cat burglar firmly, another… and a leg over her legs. Holly felt the cool leather of Selina’s suit leach warm from her. She gave it willingly.

As Selina felt the cold drain out of her body, she gave an approving purr.

That was all Holly needed to hear to know how much she meant to Selina.

Obvious (DC comics, Babs/Dinah, skyscraper)

The skyscraper was very Metropolis for a girl used to Gotham. It was all glass and chrome, with a number of architectural quirks breaking it out of the standard rectangular mold.

“You want… to live here?” Dinah asked.

“All of us,” Barbara agreed. “Me, you, Zinda, Helena. With all the compromised secret identities these days, it’d be safer to stay in one place.”

“Babs, I have a life in Gotham. I can’t just pick up and leave.”

“I thought I was part of that life,” Barbara said morosely. “You are, but… just give me one good reason why I should go.”

“I’ll give you two. Because I want to live with you.”

Dinah smiled. “Alright, that’s good enough. But just out of curiosity, what was the second one?”

“The sex. Obviously.”

“Well. Obviously.”

So Dinah and Barbara went into the skyscraper and did the obvious thing.

After The Fight Scene (DC Comics, Cass Cain/Stephanie Brown, exercise)

Steph panted wildly as she whipped her head around. “Is that all of them? Did we get all of them?”

Cass looked calmly at the twenty thugs decorating the room. “One, two… yes, that’s all of them.”

“Oh. Okay. Alright then.” Steph took a seat. “So… now what?”

Cass unzipped her costume. “More exercise.”

Compare And Contrast (DC comics, Dinah/Helena, crossbow)

“It takes too long to reload,” Dinah commented of the leaden weight in her hand. “And not to go all Michael Moore on you, but it’s a little too reminiscent of a gun for my tastes.”

She handed the crossbow back to Helena, who unloaded it and studied the bolt, as if to see if Dinah had damaged it.

“You have something against guns?”

“No… probably just the Batman in me.”

“Now there’s a mental image.” Satisfied, Helena loaded the bolt back into the crossbow and set it down. “I suppose you’re more comfortable with a bow.”

“I am, actually. Although the memories leave something to be desired.”

“And this,” Helena gestured to the crossbow, “too?”

“That? Oh, honey…” Dinah took Helena’s face in her hands. “I don’t prefer Ollie to you. It’s just that the bow is… a bow to me, while I don’t associate you with a crossbow.”

“Then what do you associate me with?”

Dinah smiled. “Let me show you.”

That Old-Timey Feeling (DC comics, Steph/Babs, legacy)

The new Batgirl caught a glimpse of her reflection as she swung by a skyscraper’s mirrored glass. “So, us Batters got a revolving door policy on costumes now?”

The radio chirped in her ear and Barbara’s voice came through loud and clear. “Leaving aside that unfortunate group pronoun for the moment, whatever do you mean?”

“Well, I get to be Robin for a little bit, and that’s fun… then that gets yanked and Cass leaves, so I’m the new Batgirl… I gotta wonder, when she wants the job back, what does that make me? Nightwing?”

“God, I hope not. We’ve already got one too many of those in New York.”

“Oh, shit,” Steph landed on a water tower to berate herself. “Me plus words equals idiot. I reminded you of Dick again, didn’t I? Corndog corndog corndog…”

“It’s alright. What Dick and I had was special, but it’s gone now. And I’ve mourned that, in my own way. But I’m happy to be with who I’m with now.”

Steph paused for a long moment as the night winds clutched at her. “Babs?”


“Do you ever miss… all of this?”

“Why would I? I taste it on you every night.”

Steph smiled through her mask. “Then it sounds like I’ve got an appointment to keep. This is Batgirl… coming home.”

From: okami_aki
2009-11-26 10:37 pm (UTC)
i liked all of this , but the one to liked me the most, is the one with Steph and Babs. i love those two *w*

i hope you can do more about them.

by the way, didn't you never thought of having a account in fanfiction.net?, because it would be more easy to read these fics of you in there.
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